Foster Audience Growth

Foster Audience Growth

 May 13, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

How to earn a quality audience with +David Kutcher. Keys to derive value from your audience by acquiring new clients and purchases. The value of the “slow read”. How data and Webmaster tools help you know what your audience does on your site.

David adds value to every minute. You’ll be surprised at how much he packs into a short time.

David Kutcher speaks frankly on acquiring clients demands a strategy. Identify the various types of clients. Yes, there are more than one. Answer their questions in a targeted manner, e.g. beginner to advanced. Use Analytics and Webmaster tools to discover information about your visitors.

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About David: Tagline Making websites earn value Introduction A strategy of continual improvement

I believe that your website should never stop innovating; it can continually be improved upon, learning from your Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools how it can accomplish more for your business goals. I believe that a strong content strategy, coupled with great design, intuitive information architecture, and a well-developed and managed web presence can be empowering tools to the success of a business or non-profit.

My company

I'm the co-owner of Confluent Forms LLC, a boutique firm providing web design, web development, branding, graphic design and custom software development services. We incorporated in January 2002 and have worked with over 200 clients during that time, many with on-going relationships lasting 5+ years.

We are the owners and developers of the RFP Database, one of the largest sites/exchanges for Requests for Proposals with ~127,000 registered users, announcing over $1 billion in business opportunities a month.

We make beautiful websites that work for their businesses: See some of our work!

Visit our websites for articles on: Blogger Content Strategy Requests for Proposals Social Media Strategic Planning Technical Mediation

Top blog posts of mine include: 6 Beautiful and Effective Restaurant Websites Using Blogger and creating gorgeous websites Growing evergreen content with Google+ Commenting Online audiences of value are earned What is a RFP, where to find RFPs, and are RFPs relevant Website actionable intelligence and goal acquisitions Why your business needs to claim its Google Places page Use Blogger and Google+ together to great effect 6 steps to writing a better Request for Proposals 5 quick tips to writing better proposals 10 reasons recommending Blogger over Wordpress for most websites

To see some example client sites please click on the links below in the LINKS section. Bragging rights I make my own beer from hops grown in my backyard Host +Zara Altair  created *The Midweek Zap*to help you develop an online strategy that works for you and your business. You are here!

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