First Step to Optimize Your Website

Pretty Is Not Enough

However you and your designer create a beautiful website for your business, if nobody visits, you business looses potential customers. When your site visitors are able to communicate with you directly from the page they can quickly engage by commenting and asking questions.

However much you optimise for search engines, optimizing for potential customers is indispensable for engagement.

And, when search engines go out looking, they notice engagement on the site, each page of your business site.

Treat Each Page as a Landing Page

When a visitor is attracted to your site for whatever reason, including your visually captivating design, you want them to respond as a potential customer.

Treat each page as it’s own landing page with information about your overall web presence and ways for the visitor to directly connect with your business.

Include a way for them to comment on the contents of that particular page. That way they will express their concerns and questions immediately giving you immediate feedback on their response to your content.

Have a clear call to action on each page and a way to fulfil that action on the page. Every time you ask a visitor to go to another page to complete an action you set up a potential loss. Make it easy for the visitor to do what you ask in your call to action.

Contact Us Right Here

Make certain that the visitor is able to contact your business directly from the page. List your phone number and email address. Include a contact form either in a sidebar or in the footer of the page.

If your content encourages the visitor to find out more, make an order, or come in to visit, make it easy for them right there on the page.

Customer Interaction Puts You in Control

You cannot choose not to have an online presence.

You can't prevent people writing about your business or product in reviews sites, or their blog, or on social media.

The only choice you have is whether you take control, ownership, and responsibility, for the presence you have, or whether you leave it to the general public to define what is said about you.

One of the best ways to control customer response is to initiate communication avenues from the very beginning. When you open your page to comments and provide avenues for potential customers to communicate with you on every page, your visitors feel you are responsive to their needs.

Be The Solution

Visitors come to your website hoping to find a solution to a need. The more your website encourages direct interaction, the more your website visitor sees you as helping them solve the need.

And, as you increase engagement on your site, you increase the noticeability of your page for search engines.

If you are looking for more solutions to encouraging engagement on your website, including that final engagement—a purchase—get in touch with Actation Now! We’re here with friendly tech answers in your language.

Zara Altair

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