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Star Trek and Your Engagement

Mar 18, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

Google My Business is ready to help your business grow. Do you know how to use it well?+Ben Fisher  of +Steady Demand  talks about the two main activities that lead to sales from your Business Page: on-page and off-page. Learn how to lead prospects down the trail to becoming customers. Ben calls it nurturing your brand.


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About Ben: Tagline I Help You Grow Your Google+ Brand Page and Social SEO Strategist, Internet Marketing since 1994 Introduction If you are looking for an experienced person that really cares about your growth and success online, then I may be the right fit for you. I have had the pleasure, over the last 15 years, helping 100's of small businesses succeed. I have personally worked with companies ranging from bed & breakfasts to technology giants. If you are serious about being found in this new Social SEO world, contact me, I love to help and educate.

Proud to have produced / conceptualized and executed this: Hulk Hogan and GoDaddy Live in my HOA GPlus Tool Party ( First time all G+ Tools in one Hangout )

Happy to be an Owner of the following Google Plus Communities ( 200K Members): Google Plus for Small Business Social Media Strategy Social Media Professionals Social Media Discussion Creative Social Media Web Hosting Industry

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I am the co-founder of a company called Steady Demand. We are solely focused on Business Brand Page Management on Google+. To put it simply, we do all the heavy lifting, writing, engagement, developing quality followers and we stay up to speed on social and search so you can focus on what you do best --growing your business.

( We also educate you along the way ) - Check out this free tool we created to help you check your connection from your G+ business brand page to your website. The tool will also grade your posts and teach you how to make them the best they can be.

We started Steady Demand after a few of our consulting clients came to us and started asking for help with manual penalties. We saw the coming of semantic search ( Hummingbird ) Social Signals and the convergence of Social and SEO a while ago, so we decided to apply Google+ and experiment with how we can help companies rank better naturally.

Using a combination of relationship building, thought leadership and the creation of great content, we will work with you ( as a partner ) to help you meet your business objectives.

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