Delete that post! Or...

Old Posts Can Negate Your Credibility

I was spending my hour-a-day research time and found a blog that was spot on for the category I was researching. The blogger categorized herself as an expert in the field.

I was OK I want to learn more.

But as I wandered through the blog I found a post that completely reversed what the blogger had said in another post.

Strange, I thought. Why didn't she update her opinion?

Once, is a mistake. We all make mistakes.

I continued to go through the posts and found several other places where she contradicted herself.

All of a sudden, this blogger was not an expert in my eyes. How would I know which statement to believe.

You Do Not Want Readers To Think You are a Nitwit!

If you change your mind, the quickest fix would be to delete the post.


search engines, especially Google, like content. Content gives you authority.

So, the more content you have, the more your site is recognized.

Update your post!

1. If your post is about the one topic, create a headline along these lines: I've changed my mind see my updated thoughts at (insert a link to your updated thoughts.)

You've accomplished two things.

  • You have maintained your credibility with your readers. This is important because readers will stop reading your blog if you consistently contradict yourself.
  • You have kept content to boost your authority with search engines.
  • Search engines like internal links.

2. If your endorsement or opinion is in a list on a post you can do the same thing.

  • At the bullet point for that item insert a new phrase in bold: I've changed my mind see my new thoughts here (insert a link to your updated post).
  • Or, rewrite the bullet point content
  • Or, delete that bullet point

The options are yours...

The most important action is to review your older blog posts on a regular basis to ensure that you give a consistent message.

That way, you will keep your readers and more importantly...

keep your authenticity.

Here's to your success!

By Zara Altair


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