Data Dive Live - Analytics, Security, and Web Presence

Data Dive Live

Wed, Oct 22, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

The conversation touched on many aspects of the data dive. Find out about negative SEO. Two views on what you can do. Why analytics keeps you posted on traffic to your site. Use Google Webmaster Tools to drill down on your site.
Audience driven data diving!
+William Rock, #GeekAholic , returns and takes it to the max to hold open forum on the Midweek Zap. Want to know more? Where do I go to…..? What does the data mean? Post your questions.Very excited to open up topic discussion to the Zapster audience!+Lee Rickler  is our guest question poser.


About William: Tagline Complete #GeekAholic of Internet Marketing / Security / Other Introduction True Geek in every way possible, I enjoy technology and feel it is my destiny to keep companies not only SAFE ONLINE but to help them GROW their Internet Traffic into qualified leads. I have worked with some of the largest technology names including Microsoft, Cisco and enjoy any challenge presented ...

Just don't let me catch you being a SPAMMER

As for Skills: Training Seminars Internet Marketing Strategy Advisement Web Site / Off Site Forensics Video / Editing and Much More Bragging rights Since 1998 I have been Studying Google and Marketing with the Best of the Best.

About Lee:

WordPress and web developer, Director of Point and Stare / Head Tech for social start-up AmazeWall.
About 15 years ago I was pumping out hand made flyers and tickets for local band nights and raves when I got a phone call from a friend. He asked me if I knew anything about the internet: "you must know about it because you have an email address". And so my online career commenced.First port of call was with Microsoft, (designing and building a new Games website), I then swanned over to Apple (converting the US site to English for the UK market), Canon and various other top notch global companies. Remember, this was a long time ago (in internet years) when only the biggest companies could afford anything resembling a professional website.

Fast forward and I found myself at a subsidiary of +Canon UK based in the heart of what is now known as Tech City . It was a grand job, with brilliantly inspirational people but, eventually, had to come to an end. That's when I set up the online production agency Point and Stare, around 6 years ago, and I'm still loving it.
Coding for WordPress, Google+, social media, client liaison, contract negotiating, IFTTT,  ... yep, that's essentially, my day with Point and Stare and AmazeWall.
At night you can usually find me huddled over a Google Hangout, annoying people on the 4Networking forum, writing WordPress plugins or generally planning my next move.
I'll do World domination ... right after I finish writing this piece of code.



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