Context and Engagement

Conceptual Intelligence

John Kellden, Peter Hatherley, Teodora Petkova, Zara Altair

We Love to Figure Some Thinks Out

Thought Seeds From Next Steps

"Concept grouping" is the critical part.

  1. listen, learn, lead, live

resilience is like a renaissance

At the base is the conceptual umbrella

Once we see concepts we can dig to logical factors.

planting good things, core values we agree on

Action steps for conceptual intelligence

What’s the tree? start with seed

content and context

Action step - sharable concepts, concepts that resonate.

Breaking the rules

Respond voluntarily and involuntarily.

Make an impact, if not, why bother?

polyvocality is different takes 

concept - basic unit of thought

definitions - shared and shareable

all in data base

Data base queries on human beings.

Data base connected to human beings


explore the fussy boundaries

Evolution of CISE

CISE - separated out the negatives

people were attracted to negatives and they became dominant

Seize the battle with our thinks

We-love-love to

seize the battles with our thinks

smallest necessary change

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right action

where does it come from?

the best grafts are natural grafts

resilience - silence

read a post for intention

the editor packs up and goes home

concepts as better than words

tap in get more engagement

conceptual memory is long term

What are the action steps?

Social and habits

we possibly have redeeming factors

machine intelligence or teenager accusing

machine - it never was part of us

what are the analog steps

semantic fusion


Local Love: Collaborative Power

Your Naked Unconscious