Communicate! Framing Authority and Trust

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 communication authority talks about the how, why, and what of communication. What is important about your message? Does how you say it make a difference? Who are you talking to?  What is framing? Be yourself even in your business.


0:20 Introduction 1:13 Framing - what it means and why it is important 1:46 How you construct your message : components 2:00 How the receiver receives your message 2:39 How to frame and how does audience react 3:01 Business importance 4:10 Importance of phrasing, sentence structure, and words you choose 4:33 Tone is important for audience perception of you 5:24 Different frames for different platforms and your website 6:11 Example of difference between FaceBook and LinkedIn and context 9:59 Importance of consistency in message and tone of voice 11:21 Zebra tattoo distinction: we are all unique 13:24 Be yourself: show your individual striping 13:46 Practice differentiation through original content 14:57 Find the niche market that really fits you 15:08 Don't try so hard! 16:01 Value - make sure your content has value for your audience 17:13 How to be recognized with your audience and search - originality 18:21 How to achieve authority when you are new 19:46 Trust is the slippery fish 20:05 Build trust as an individual first 21:10 Build trust through disclosure 23:33 Build a language about yourself and your business to build authority 25:30 Keyword importance 27:02 Understand your keyword space 27:48 Create content to communicate, then find the keywords within the content 30:18 Alex shares her history of how she made her mark

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*About Alex:*

My roles keep changing! And as frustrating as it is when I attempt to pinpoint exactly what I do, it makes perfect sense: I work on the web! Of course my roles are going to constantly change. If I wasn’t evolving as not only the Web evolves but Google+ evolves, then I would be worried.
I am a full-time graduate student at Kent State University and a Teaching Assistant. 
With such an extensive background in education I am the kind of person who grabs an idea and runs with it…

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