Benefits of Google Hangouts for Business

 Midweek Zap and Google Partners

Wed, November 26, 12:00 PM

Midweek Zap and +Google Partners Ambassador +Molly Youngblood Geiger  join to introduce the benefits of Hangouts on Air to Google Partners members and Ambassadors.

Build engagement, authority, and trust with Google+ Hangouts on Air. Hangouts integrate all of Google: search (SEO), Docs, Drive, YouTube. Tips and tricks for using Hangouts (HOAs).

MOLLY stands for Marketing On Line Leveraging YouTube. +Ronnie Bincer The Hangout Master, special guest.

0:22 Google Hangouts benefits overview 0:59 Guest introductions 1:27 Important of engagement and how to make it happen 2:08 +Zara Altair Audience participation before, during, and after event 3:07 Hangouts give a face to your business 3:54 +Ronnie Bincer Live interactive television, it’s better than television 4:49 Adds social relevance 5:23 +Zara Altair benefits of professional host interviewing personnel, present to answer questions 6:12 Benefits for technical business 6:34 +Ronnie Bincer feature your business team members 7:02 +Zara Altair highlight and feature your employees 8:07 Be patient as your audience grows event by event 8:32 Focus on growing your audience between events 9:11+Ronnie Bincer You may discover a voice within your team to be “the voice” on hangouts 9:43 Comment +Sherrill Duce: What I love most is the “live” factor. 10:03 +Zara Altair importance of being human, with glitches, as an engagement factor 10:39 +Mollie Youngblood Geiger Hangouts put a face behind the personality and name 11:40 Ripple effect of sharing 12:00 Take the HOA to promote. Share after event to optimise with SEO. 12:36 YouTube optimization: keywords, categories 13:11 +Ronnie Bincer  Search engine optimisation (SEO) utilization and benefits 13:20 Question +Lori Peters: How do you promote HOA besides on Google+? 13:31 +Ronnie Bincer Video SEO. Any social media, website. Share a link before you go live. 14:33 Event has landing page. Share that with comments with what people are interested in. 15:42 +Zara Altair Create a page on website for the event. Share, embed the video. Pre and post promotion. Business page. 17:26 +Molly Youngblood Geiger Create and use video trailer for promotion. 18:28 Hangout war story example. 19:05 Importance of practicing to hone skills. 19:35 +Zara Altair First HOA was a disaster from a technical aspect. 20:26 Create green room protocol and etiquette list for guest. They have time to ask you questions beforehand. 21:37 +Ronnie Bincer First hangout out of three years. Did I do all the right things? Have a checklist. 22:29 Big tip. Try to do hangouts on your own. Unlisted broadcast. Do a dry run. 23:08 You can over rehearse. Just get basic concepts. 23:38 +Molly Youngblood Geiger One benefit is that you can test out different strategies and techniques. 24:36 Free and awesome tool. Train yourself and your staff. 24:56 Webinar, training, communicate with staff members. 25:25 Open up the door to answer questions. 26:17 Comment +Frank Gainsford: Benefits are subtle and many. Trust factor signals for host and panelists and audience. 27:39 +Zara Altair Major benefit was increased exposure. Nobody knew who I was. 28:07 Consistency a major factor in growing audience. 30:27 EAT- build Engagement, Authority, Trust 30:45 +Ronnie Bincer The tools work together. Hangout Video Call. When people know, like and trust you they will reach out, often a private video call. 31:56 *Do a public presentation that leads to a private conversation that turns into business.* 32:11 The tactic that’s a benefit. One of the most rich networking environments that you could ever want. 33:23 Comment +Lee Rickler: Everyone wants to see you succeed and will help out when asked. 33:54 +Zara Altair Your following helps you! 35:18 +Ronnie Bincer quotes +David Amerland One of the only viable shortcuts to bring about trust. 35:23 When an audience member asks a question and you can answer on the fly, all of a sudden you have a fan. 35:54 The live interaction accelerates the trust. You don’t have to reach out individually to every single person. 36:29 +Zara Altair The YouTube video helps people see you event who are not able to attend live. They can come back at any time. 38:23 +Ronnie Bincer The trust factor that you grow is also based on who you interact with. Grow your influence to increase trust. 38:59 When you connect with “bigger” names that sends authority your way. 39:43 +Molly Youngblood Geiger Reap the benefits of Google Hangouts for increased web presence for your business. 40:49 You are in control. Topic. Time. Audience. 41:09 Promote the YouTube link. 41:59 It’s a matter of investing the time to train yourself with the aspects of producing an HOA. 42:30 +Ronnie Bincer  Getting known. Interview with an individual known in your industry. Ride the power of that influencer. 43:39 To get that started, go to events where that influencer is and comment. Establish level of trust with your comments. 44:21 +Zara Altair It’s the same process as spreading the word about any content creation in any medium. 44:44 An HOA is content creation. The strategies are the same. 45:38 +Ronnie Bincer It’s possible for you in your HOA to “slice and dice” the video and send those out. 46:03 Tag different words with the segments that address different topics. 46:30 +Molly Youngblood Geiger Use Google to search for more information about producing Hangouts. 47:35 Search engine optimisation benefits. 49:23 +Zara Altair Re-cap of points covered today. 51:44 +Molly Youngblood Geiger The experiment: cross market two platforms by co-hosting today’s event. 53:39 +Ronnie Bincer asks +Zara Altair to tell about her business. 53:51 +Zara Altair responds: Produce and host *Midweek Zap*. Help people with Google+ presence. Welcome chats via private hangouts. 54:24 +Ronnie Bincer The tool itself utilises the power of Google search and YouTube search. The two biggest search engines. Use if you think search is important to your business. 56:30 Last note +Ronnie Bincer: Learn how to use the tools so you appear professional when you do your Hangout. 57:11 Last note +Zara Altair: Learn how to use the tools. 57:25 What’s a hangout without a freakout. 57:39 Things go sideways. Be prepared for the quirks. Keep growing and going. More about +Google Partners

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