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Authentic Video

Wed, Oct 8, 12:00 PM - 12:40 PM

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How can you be both natural and confident when you create a Hangout or video? +Andy Brine of +Hangout Tribes  talks about the personal power of your presence and how that power gains more followers, your tribe.
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About Andy: Hi I'm Andy Brine,And I am a man with a passion for natrual health and wellbeing and am on a mission to help people to live a positive, natural and healthy life. I am also passionate about creating a positive world around us for now and the future and run a show entitled Sustainability In The Modern World. You can find out about the show here:

I’m also the Founder of Hangout Tribes which provides Google Plus and Hangout Training to Help Your Build Your Authority and Influence Online and Grow Your TRIBE with Google Hangouts.

It’s my mission to help businesses build strong online relationships and grow their TRIBE through simple, sustainable steps.  Working with people in the field of Natural Health, Well-being and Change to help create positive, natural and health world around us. Check out our Google Plus Page and Website below for more information:Google+ Page - Hangout Tribes Website: - Hangout Tribes

I am also a host of The Hangout Formula where I have interviewed  Successful Google Hangout Broadcasters from Around the World. During the show we uncovered their story from when they started using Hangouts to where they are today, along the way they shared many tool tips and strategies of what it takes to run a successful hangout show. Bragging rights Lover of Life and Technology - Contact Me @

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