4 Vocabulary Builders for Your Content

Search Likes Word Clusters

Search And Word Relevance

Thank goodness keyword stuffing is gone, gone, gone.

That does not mean that keywords are gone. On the other hand, the keyword that you select for your content is a focus. Think of your keyword as the theme of your content. Google recognizes relational words as the bot combs through your content.

Instead of inserting the same keyword over and over in an artificial way, you now have the freedom to write out your thoughts around your theme. The more you use a variety of words that are related to your theme (keyword) the more the search engine recognizes the value of your content.

The more you build consistent value, the more search engines see you as a trusted source.

How To Find a Variety of Words

From traditional to advanced algorithms directly related to search, you find four main sources for creating your word clusters:

  • long-tail keywords
  • thesaurus
  • hashtag search
  • CISE

Long-Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords add even more coherent relevance because they echo the very way people ask question (query) search.

They have a natural association to the way people ask questions and reflect the thematic context of your content.

Three tools to help you find long-tail keywords.


Keyword Planner at Google Adwords


Here's an example of long-tail keywords generated at Keyword Tool for the word collaborative.

keyword tool example


You don't need a book or books. You can search online at Thesaurus.com for synonyms and related words.

thesaurus: collaborative


A hashtag search on Google+ will find results for hashtags related to your theme word.  Hashtags have the benefit of letting you know what other people are tagging that is related to your theme. Start by searching for your theme word. You will see a number of words related to your main keyword.


collaborative hashtag


Refine by searching within the list. By clicking on one of the related hashtags, you will create a new set of related words to sprinkle inside your content.


collaboration, hashtag search


CISE clusters

CISE Conceptual Intelligence Search Engine, is a new word tool developed through algorithms to reveal the words that Google search recognizes as related. The results show three categories of related words: positive, neutral, and negative.

When you use the words already recognized by search as related, your content will signal the search engine that the context is related. CISE generates words that all are thematically related to your keyword/theme. Because of this already recognized semantic relationship, search instantly determines the value of your content. This recognition boosts the perceived value and ranking. A double win.

CISE creator, Peter Hatherley,  calls it a Theme Generator. Because of the power to consistently boost search recognition, I call it the Fame Generator.

CISE word clusters, search rich


CISE now has a free introductory version Semantic Snapshots with the top 20 word matches. Search is limited to one per day.

CISEsemantic snapshot collaborative

Strategic Tools for Your Content

From the initial thematic keyword to sophisticated semantic theme creation, you need never be at a loss for words. The body of words you use as the vocabulary in your content makes for interesting reading for your visitors and related context for search.

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