Kitchen Remodeling: The Kanler Process

How to Plan a Kitchen Remodel

The best way to transform your old kitchen into a dream space for cooking and entertaining starts by creating a plan. Kitchen remodeling projects are a multi-faceted undertaking that require careful planning and clear communication in order to achieve the results you want. The best general contractors are capable of completely understanding your vision, and marrying that vision with your budget constraints during the many steps of the planning process.  As a General Contractor with expertise and successful kitchen remodels for clients we know the importance of making a plan.

We’ll guide you every step of the way. Nothing is hidden. No surprises. We’re on budget and on time from start to finish and you’re with us every step of the way.

A successful kitchen remodel generally follows a basic sequence.

  • Calculate your budget  

  • Find a trusted General Contractor

  • Evaluate trade-offs for cost versus design as they emerge

  • Estimate costs based on your original concept

  • Design the new kitchen according to your ideas

  • Submit to city for permit

  • Select and procure necessary components - appliances, counters, cupboards

  • Begin construction - remove old flooring, rewire electrical, reroute plumbing, remove walls, windows, doors

  • Implement new kitchen design - new walls, new flooring, windows, install appliances, add lighting, etc.

  • Begin using your new kitchen!

Your Project Manager will guide you through cost-effective decisions. You’ll be able to choose elements of your new kitchen that meet your dream requirements. Sometimes the ideal is out of budget, but your Project Manager’s expertise helps you wisely choose alternatives that are within budget and fulfil your desired effect.

Kanler built a robust, proprietary technology platform that enables you to track and monitor the progress of your project every step of the way in your own personal portal. The technology was designed to bring more transparency into the construction process, and foster better communication between all parties involved.

Before we begin work, we create the entire kitchen remodeling plan. Our clients can follow along as each step is completed.

At Kanler Construction, we spend more time planning and less time doing construction to eliminate costly delays.

How to Live Through a Kitchen Remodel

When strangers show up at your house and suddenly you don’t have a kitchen, you can lessen the stress.  Plan ahead for a “kitchen camping” life you and your family will experience less stress.

Courtesy toward the various crew members in your home will go a long way toward a smooth in-progress remodel. Give them their workspace and provide basic amenities.

You and your family can plan to use a temporary “alternative” kitchen. Remodels can take weeks to several months, so be ready to set up for the entire time.

  • Be ready for the crew - designate a bathroom for their use, show them the preferred entry to your home that will least disturb your family.

  • Educate children on the change that is going to take place. Make the disruption as fun as possible. Treat it as an adventure.

  • Establish a temporary kitchen space and stock it with basic appliances: coffee maker, microwave, toaster oven.

  • Set up a table or other flat service (door on saw horses) to serve as a temporary counter space for work.

  • Use disposable utensils, plates, cups, etc. to minimize dishwashing

  • Cook outdoors on a grill.

When you work with Kanler you’ll understand the scope of the work and the time for the kitchen remodel. We make sure that all elements are there before we start work. Your Project Manager will guide you through the project.

How to Find the Best Contractor for Your Project

Finding the right General Contractor to oversee your kitchen remodeling project is key to overall project success. You’ll want to know if the bid is all inclusive or if there are additional costs. You’ll also want to know the General Contractor’s success rate for finishing on time and within original budget. The cheapest doesn’t always mean the best.

Every state has different licensing requirements. Your state may require proof of experience in construction or may require an examination to prove business competence. Word of mouth referrals from family, friends, and business acquaintances is a great way to begin your search.

Do as much asking around and checking as possible.

  • Ask for referrals - word of mouth works

  • Check credentials and certifications - look at the website, required licenses, certifications, check the nature of the certifications

  • Interview your candidates - get a feel of how you will work together

  • Ask for and check references

  • Look at the documents- are they professional, fair, and balanced  

When you have narrowed your search, talk to each General Contractor to get a sense of how your personalities fit. You’ll be working with them for several weeks if not months.

Double check that the bid includes all costs like electrical rewiring before actual remodeling work begins. Make certain that your contractor is transparent about all costs concerning your remodeling project.

How Much Will It Cost? How To Budget for Kitchen Remodeling

First and foremost, know how much you are willing to spend on the remodel. Details that seems small at first, like lighting fixtures, can vary widely in cost. We’ll help you make choices in line with your kitchen concept that are also within your budget.

Keep your budget in mind when discussing details in the planning stage with your project manager. One person in charge of your kitchen remodel knows the progress details and communicates with you at every step.

Kitchen remodels vary in cost range from a simple counter replacement to knocking out walls or building an addition to increase space for your dream kitchen. A kitchen remodel is a major expense and can range from a fairly simple appliance upgrade to removing walls or ceilings and installing new doors or windows. Costs can range from around $30,000 to $250,000 and more depending on your budget.

Whatever your budget, Kanler Construction will help you get the most for your investment. Our help with detail costs and selection choices is one of many reasons our clients are satisfied and happy with their new kitchen.

How Kanler Handles Challenges

Because a kitchen remodel involves many components surprises can and do occur in the middle of a project. We build in small surprises into the overall estimate costs. So, if we pull up your kitchen floor and find a small spot of dry rot that needs remediation, it’s covered. In order to stay within code, we need to rewire the electrical before we begin work. This, too, is included in our estimate.

Structural damage is our biggest foe. Hidden damage from window flashings in walls, pest issues, and larger dry rot may not be revealed until we actually begin work. Fixing these issues may increase costs beyond the original estimate.

As soon as we discover a major repair issue, your project manager will contact you to explain the details and the projected remediation costs. Once we agree, we’ll issue a change order to the original budget and time plan. You’ll see the changes reflected right away in your personal dashboard.

These surprises don’t happen often. One of the benefits of working with Kanler is that we optimize your plan from the start. Unlike many general contractors, we prepare for most minor repairs within the original budget and then just take care of them.

Because of our unique pre-planning system, we optimize your client experience. Rarely do our clients experience a major change order once the project begins. Unlike many contractors who bid low and then eke out more costs throughout the project, we plan to cover most details and minor remediations before we begin work. At the beginning, our estimate may seem high than other contractors. In the end, with no surprises, our clients discover they’ve saved money on the total project.

More time planning less time doing construction. And, fewer surprises.

Minimal Project Risk

Kanler’s custom project planning minimizes the risk of complications and trouble that can lead to dispute. Once again, planning is the key.

We work with details from the very start of your kitchen remodel. We provide you with a professional and detailed estimate after we’ve consulted with you. Your estimate is the first step in reviewing the entire project including specific costs and length of time. We go over the estimate and answer any questions.

Once we’ve finalized the details of the estimate we’re ready to begin your work. Your detailed contract illustrates all the items delineated in your estimate. Once you sign, we’re on target to begin work. You can track progress on your personal portal assuring timely conclusion to your kitchen remodel.

Don’t be fooled by low bids from competitors. Kanler’s details mean there are no gray areas and no extra charges in the middle of the project. For instance, our procurement plan is linked to the schedule on your dashboard. You’ll know every detail in advance.

Our clients love our process guided by technology because they are included in the process. There’s no mystery and no unwanted surprises.

The Cost-Effective Kanler Solution

At Kanler Construction we’re proud of our client education through communication and state-of-the-art technology. When you know your project from the beginning and follow it step-by-step through to conclusion, you’ll find our kitchen remodel is cheaper in the end.